Update of the COVID-19 situation in Qom as of October 22, 2020:

  • After careful consideration of the latest updates from major health organizations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, SIOS has decided to postpone its Introduction to Islam Program
  • The program will start on January 9, 2021
  • The School will have on-campus classes for the students who are able to obtain visas and come to Qom
  • For the students who are not able to come to Qom, either due to health, visa, or other serious issues, the School will allow them to participate in the classes online

Update of the COVID-19 situation in Qom as of May 30, 2020:

  • Hawzah schools in the holy city of Qom have reopened as of this week
  • The Holy shrine of Lady Maʿṣūmah (s) has opened to the extent that its courtyards are accessible round the clock
  • Public and private schools have partially opened

SIOS Contingency Plan for COVID-19 Developments

SIOS is carefully monitoring the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and taking necessary steps to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our community, on and off campus.

Decisions about health and safety made by SIOS in the context of COVID-19 will be based on the best information provided by major health organizations, both national and international.

With respect to the Introduction to Islam (6-month) program being offered in October, 2020, SIOS intends to implement, in order of priority, the following contingency plans:

Plan A: If the COVID-19 pandemic ends, or is brought (or continues to be kept) under control such that major health organizations give a green light to reopen and operate schools, SIOS will start an in-person program on October 18, 2020*.

Plan B: If a green light is not given by October 18 and there is a good chance that by postponing the start of the program a green light will be given, SIOS will start an in-person program on January 9, 2021*.

Plan C: If the COVID-19 pandemic continues through to the beginning of 2021 and major health organizations do not give a green light to reopen and operate schools by then, SIOS will conduct an online program starting January 9, 2021**.

SIOS will continue to monitor developments and will update its plans accordingly.

*If there are students who have valid reasons for not attending the in-person program, they will be given the opportunity to audit classes online.

**Please note: The consensus amongst the teachers and students of the Hawzah of Qom is that the physical presence in the Holy city of Qom affords a profound and unique experience that cannot be equaled by a virtual online program of learning.