Introduction to Islam

Program Overview

The Introduction to Islam Program is not only a comprehensive introductory course for Hawza studies, but also a good overview of some major Islamic studies subjects that are important for any and all Muslims to know about. Hence this course is beneficial for two groups:

  1. Those who want to study in a traditional seminary school (the Hawza); this course gives them a real opportunity to become acquainted with the content and teaching methods of subjects currently taught in seminary schools and their prerequisites.
  2. Those who have graduated from a secular high school in good standing and are either pursuing post-secondary education or are employed but who have a great thirst for religious knowledge and a burning desire for a deeper understanding of Islam.

Goals and Policies:

  • Familiarizing participants with the general subjects of Islamic studies.
  • Familiarizing participants with the living tradition of the Hawza.
  • Acknowledging participants who exhibit exceptional ability and aptitude for religious studies.
  • Introducing participants to other aspects of the Hawza, such as the ethical decorum of seminary students or tullab al-‘ilm.
  • Helping participants to analyse and critique the different perspectives found within the sub-cultures of Western Muslims in their encounter with the modern world, while guiding them to discover the moderate way of traditional Islam through scholarly research and intellectual effort.

Structure of the Program:

  • The duration of the Program is 6 months.
  • All modules will be taught in English.
  • After the completion of the Program, an optional 3-month course to learn the Farsi language will be offered.
  • Those who successfully complete the Program, exhibiting both academic excellence and integrity of character, will have the option to proceed to the Bachelor’s program.

List of Program Modules

oModule Name
1Qurʾān Recitation
2Mafāhīm of the Qurʾān
3Introduction to Qurʾānic Exegesis
4Ādāb al-Taʿlīm wa al-Taʿallum
5Introduction to Arabic
6Introduction to Hawza ʿIlmiyya & Islamic Sciences
7Islamic Theology
8Islamic Ethics
9Islamic Law
10Islamic History
12World Religions
13Physical Training